Tired of being challenged by your health?

Do you want to get your life back on track, but your body is not cooperating? Do you feel blocked? Learn how to balance your body, your energy and make a breakthrough to a healthier life. Dr Andrew Eberding, ND MSc can help you find a solution specifically developed to meet your individual needs.

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Naturopathic Treatment

There are many reasons that that the human body fails to repair and rebuild itself – structural interferences, toxicities, deficiencies and dis-integration. Naturopathic medicine draws on time-tested treatments (nutrition, traditional Chinese medicine, homeopathy, hydrotherapy) that work with the human body to correct improper function.

Food and Nutrition

Why is coming up with a healthy diet so difficult? How is it that so many people can write bestselling book touting some new (or old) diet that is certain to improve your life and assure that you loose weight? process that works for one person is not going to work for the next. It is true that biochemistry works the same in everyone but life is more than biochemistry.


Do you have joints that are constantly painful or repeatedly injured? Do those joints cause you pain and prevent you from doing the activities that you enjoy? What would you be willing to do to get back to an active lifestyle? Prolotherapy (proliferation therapy) or Regenerative Injection Therapy is a treatment that triggers, or restarts, the incomplete healing of an injured joint.

Sharp Mind and Focus

The human body was not made to thrive in this modern world. Yes, eras of the past were challenging but in a different way than the one in which we are living. Today many of us are under constant pressure. Although almost none of them are true crisis, your body treats them as though your life is at risk.

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  • The problem with my shoulder was severe to the point where it was very difficult to work; and due to overuse at work. I had 3 separate treatments on my shoulder over the last year and a half with great success and am able to continue working pain free. I experienced a little discomfort in the shoulder after each treatment so I took the following day off work to rest the shoulder and then went back to work the day after. I highly recommend Andrew’s Prolotherapy treatment as it helped me with my shoulder.

  • After years of treatments with various salves and creams which were very costly I am finally feeling great thanks to Dr. Eberding. He did a great job in just one visit and I will definitely go to see him again if the problem reoccurs.

  • I wanted to let you know how well the anti cat allergy treatment went for me. As you know prior to the treatment I was very reactive when in the presence of any cat. I would get an itchy, runny nose and scratchy throat immediately when in close proximity. Since the treatment I have absolutely no symptoms what so ever. I can pet and pick up the cat, it can sit on my lap and even lounge on my chest and I am totally symptom free. Very impressive!!! Thank you

  • I can't begin to express my gratitude to you for not telling me that I should just except my pains and ailments because I'm "getting to that age." After years of suffering and being told it was all normal at my age, I had very little hope left. Now, I feel like I have my life back again, and I know it is because you believed that I could be well and healthy, even if I am getting old. Thank you for treating me with respect and working with me on my long road back to health, happiness, and joy.

  • I went to go see Dr. Andrew Eberding for a few issues regarding weight management, stress levels and headaches. He was very compasionate, caring, understanding and easy to talk to. Not only did he make me feel comfortable he was very supportive along the way. Dr Eberding has changed my life and i can't thank him enough.

  • Dr. Eberding is clearly a very knowledgeable physician, but his skill goes beyond that. He seems to have a gift for going straight to the root of a problem in minutes. He can literally put his finger on a place I didn't know I had a problem, and it will be connected to my symptoms. It's amazing.