“Healthcare” – what does that mean to you? When most people speak about it you hear about surgeries, hospitalization or disease management. While those are important, many times these situations are fully preventable by taking care of the health that you have not fighting to get back to it. Usually this is called preventative medicine, when it really is ‘HEALTH CARE’.

In my clinic, this means taking a look at your life and all the components that add to it or subtract from it. There are many things to consider when optimizing your health but my short list would include:

  1. Deficiencies: The human body needs very specific building blocks.
  2. Toxicities: The byproducts of living and the accumulation of compounds that the body does not have the capacity or means needed to remove.
  3. Structural impediments: misalignments and tensions in your frame that negatively affect the way that your body operates.
  4. Mental/emotional dysregulation: Neurological patterns that impede health – protective, formerly protective or completely misguided due to lack of understanding or ability to handle what the world is presenting you with – greatly reduce your ability to function at your best.

Often these problems are overlaid on one another. For example, emotional problems such as depression affect nutrition lead to deficiencies or an injured joint creates inflammation in the body and results in excess biochemical byproducts that overwhelm detoxification mechanisms. A perfectly balanced system will be self-regulating and won’t need extra support; however, very few people start out in this state. Most people can use some support to optimize their body and mind. Even when you are feeling quite good there are often lingering build-ups or depletions that if address will improve your long term well being.

If you are feeling depleted or overwhelmed please make an appointment to correct one or more of these so you can take on life’s challenges.