There are many reasons that that the human body fails to repair and rebuild itself – structural interferences, toxicities, deficiencies and dis-integration. Naturopathic medicine draws on time-tested treatments (nutrition, traditional Chinese medicine, homeopathy, hydrotherapy) that work with the human body to correct improper function. Although the basis of the practice is old, we combine traditional concepts with prevailing techniques (injection therapies, laser therapy) to produce powerful results in people with modern problems. The framework for naturopathic medicine lies within six specific principles:

Healing power of nature: The body has the ability to heal itself if given the means to do so by removing the obstacles.

Do no harm: Naturopaths are guided by the concepts of using methods and medicines with the smallest possible side effects, not suppressing symptoms and using the least force necessary to bring about a cure.

Identify and treat the cause: The root of the ailment is the source of the cure – in order to bring about resolution, we must get to that root and eliminate it.

Treat the whole person: Naturopathic doctors don’t have specialties because we recognize that each bodily system relies on many (and likely all) other systems to operate optimally. We use our breadth of understanding to best support restoration and repletion as needed. For example, it may be the case that the digestive tract is not adequately absorbing leading to a wide range of deficiencies in other systems (such as nervous and endocrine). Even when naturopaths are known for treating a particular condition they still do so by supporting all the systems that are leading into the state of dis-ease.

Doctor as teacher: It is not enough for the doctor to understand what obstructs health. Each patient should learn how to support their own health and well being. Part of a naturopathic doctor’s role is to instruct you on health maintenance and improvement.

Disease prevention and health promotion: Each person is responsible for their own welfare. When a person comes seeking help naturopathic physicians will provide remedies but they will also expect you to play a role in your own care. The person who knows you best is you; therefore, you will be asked to take an active role in developing the healthiest you possible.

Our approach is such that people are treated as individuals. Every patient who is diagnosed with a particular condition has arrived there in a unique way. Because this is true, each is treated according their unique condition at that point in time. The importance of this is invaluable in achieving health in a timely manner.