Does your child have ADHD?

Are you afraid that your child is not getting as much help as they need?

Do you feel that more could be done?

Every parent wants to …

  • support their child to see them grow academically and socially.
  • see their child succeed, not just behave.
  • have positive school memories, not just ones where they were a problem that needed to be dealt with.
  • have relief from the disruption that ADHD causes to their entire family.

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The treatment for ADHD is never singular; there are always multiple factors that need to be addressed to see complete resolution.  Using a trained, experienced, discriminating perspective for each child health and environment allows me to identify interferences that are specific to your child and the challenges they face. Often behavioural issues are only examined from a mental or social perspective and are rarely considered as a physical viewpoint.  Most children are never given any kind of a medical workup or examination; prescriptions are given simply using the description of the child’s behaviour.  There is more to investigate and understand.  Some biochemical issues which affect the capacity to focus, such as low iron, are easy to find using simple laboratory testing.  Unfortunately, many other problems are much more difficult to determine but once identified can be easily addressed.  Other important challenges are lifestyle based, including nutritional issues, psychological concerns and interpersonal skills. If you would like to help your child focus and grow their confidence in the classroom and socially, please call the clinic and set up an appointment.  Let’s get started helping your child right away.

Addressing the factors that play a role in the development and biochemical imbalance that leads to ADHD symptoms.

Eating the Right Foods to Minimize ADHD Symptoms – A General Approach