Why is coming up with a healthy diet so difficult? How is it that so many people can write bestselling book touting some new (or old) diet that is certain to improve your life and assure that you loose weight?The answer to both of these questions is that not everybody is alike. A process that works for one person is not going to work for the next. It is true that biochemistry works the same in everyone but life is more than biochemistry.

Nutrition isn’t a simple thing. Your lifestyle, genetics, motivations, state of health, age, thought patterns, environment, emotional state and many other things affect what nutrients you overuse, fail to absorb, avoid or crave. The dietary rollercoaster has carbohydrates high, then protein high, then fats high – all of these changes have people spinning and twirling around, not sure which way is up. So who can you listen to and feel assured that you are headed in the right direction?

The short answer is to listen to what your body is telling you. Do you having trouble understanding it? This is where the challenge lies, in the interpretation. The feedback you receive can be confusing because there are interferences that block your progression no matter what your goal happens to be. This is where a trained medical professional can be of real help. It may be that absorption is impeded because you have some toxicity. It may be that you need a high dose of a particular nutrient. Whatever the problem is, it can be very difficult to be objective when you are frustrated with trying to get to your goals and getting little success.

If you are having challenges in weight loss, weight gain, cravings or other nutritional concerns let me be your objective medical professional. I have helped many people achieve and manage their weight goals. Stop going in circles and get to your goals so you can enjoy your Complete Life